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Hybrid Car News Page 5

Breaking News


Volt Production Resumes at 3x Speed

In brief: Although the current 2011 model of the Chevrolet Volt has had lackluster consumer sales, it will become nationally available as the 2012 mod... Read More


Leonardo DiCaprio to Get First Fisker Karma Hybrid

Startup automaker Fisker has announced it will deliver its initial Karma plug-in hybrid by the end of July. It's first customer -- actor Leonardo DiCa... Read More


Peugeot Previews New Diesel Electric 508 RXH

In brief: The 508 RXH was previewed by Peugeot before it's official world unveiling at the Frankfurt International Motor Show this September. Vehic... Read More


Prius Named Greenest Hybrid

The Toyota Prius is the granddaddy of hybrid vehicles, and the original is still the best when it comes to being a friend of the environment. Accor... Read More


Prius V Hybrid Not a Plug-in -- Yet

Toyota will soon launch the Prius V, which is basically a longer Prius with more cargo space. Toyota is also set to start selling a Prius Plug-in Hybr... Read More


Toyota Shows New GRMN Hybrid Concept

In brief: Toyota showed the GRMN Sports Hybrid Concept II at the 39th Nurburgring 24-hour endurance race in Germany this past weekend. Vehicle in t... Read More


Jaguar C-X75 Wins Most Significant Concept Vehicle Designation

In brief: The C-X75 was named the most significant concept vehicle of 2011 at the 10th Annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards in Det... Read More


Peopemobile to Go Hybrid

In brief: The Pope's next ride will be a hybrid, the Vatican has announced. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Popemobile Manufacturer: Mercedes-B... Read More


Honda Fit Shuttle Models Begin Sales in Japan - Economy Equals Fit

In brief: The Honda Fit Shuttle, in both a gasoline and hybrid form, begin sales in Japan with fuel economy equal to the smaller Fit. Vehicle in th... Read More


Chevy Begins Taking Orders for Volt Nationally

In brief: Dealers nationally can now accept orders for the Chevrolet Volt as well as feature the range-extended hybrids in their showrooms. Vehicle... Read More


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