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Hybrid Car News Page 4

Breaking News


1 in 4 Buick LaCrosse Buyers Chooses eAssist Model

In brief: GM says one in four 2012 LaCrosse buyers are buying the hybrid eAssist model. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: LaCrosse w/ eAssist Man... Read More


Toyota Prius Plug-in (PHEV) Gets EU Emissions Figures

In brief: The European Union emissions and fuel economy figures for the plug-in Toyota Prius have been released. Vehicle in the news Make/Model:... Read More


Tata Motors Shows Off Multiple Alt-Fuel Vehicle Options at Auto Expo 2012 in India

In brief: Tata Motors showed off a CNG, hybrid, and fuel cell concepts at the Auto Expo 2012 in India, as well as 3 new production vehicles. The wo... Read More


A123 and Fisker Report Battery Pack Cooling System Problem and Fix

In brief: A123 Systems has found a potential problem with the cooling system it includes with its battery packs for the Fisker Karma range extended el... Read More


Fisker Karma Gets EPA Rating of 52 MPGe

In brief: The Karma gets a rating of 65 kWh/100 miles (52mpg equivalent) by the EPA when in all-electric mode. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: 2... Read More


Citroen Unveiling New DS5 Hybrid at Frankfurt

In brief: The Frankfurt Motor Show this month will be teaming with new European technology including the surprising DS5 Hybrid from Citroen. Vehicl... Read More


Jaguar Unveils C-X16 Hybrid Concept

Jaguar on Tuesday gave the world a sneak peak of a new concept car that will formally debut next week at the Frankfort Auto Show -- the C-X16 hybrid c... Read More


Peugeot Unveiling 2 Diesel-electric Hybrids at Frankfurt

In brief: Peugeot plans to unveil two diesel-electric hybrids at the upcoming Frankfurt International Motor Show in September. Vehicle in the news... Read More


Cadillac Converj Concept Will Go To Production

In brief: General Motors has announced that the previously scrapped Cadillac Converj luxury extended range hybrid concept is being revived for product... Read More


Audi A6 Hybrid Coming in 2012?

A hybrid version of the Audi A6 luxury sedan will reportedly hit U.S. showrooms next year. says that several media reports say Audi ... Read More


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