The Buffalino - Compact 3-Wheeled RV

Buffalino interior
Buffalino cutaway

In brief: The Buffalino is a compact, 3-wheeled recreational vehicle design from Cornelius Comanns.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Buffalino
Manufacturer: Piaggio / C. Comanns

The word


The Buffalino is based on a Piaggio APE 50, a 50hp scooter that is popular as a taxi, delivery truck, etc. in Europe. The compact RV has everything a traveler could want in a tiny footprint.

Designed by German industrial designer Cornelius Comanns, the little RV has a small desk, seating for two, a sink, gas stove, storage, a small refrigerator, and a fold-out bed that sleeps one.

All within the tiny footprint of the Piaggio enclosed APE 50.


And so ...

I'd bet some of those Chinese drivers stuck on the 10+ days of freeway traffic jam wish they had one of these.

Photo credits: Design Boom

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