Piaggio Reveals NT3 Concept Designed to Be a Nano Killer

Piaggio NT3
In brief:The Italian scooter maker is moving into the auto industry with a car built to directly compete with the Tata Nano in India: the NT3.

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Make/Model: NT3 Manufacturer: Piaggio

The word

Piaggio NT3

The scooter company is entering the low-cost car market with a super-compact car which will market in India against the Nano. The car was revealed as the NT3 at the Milan Motorcycle Show.

It's a 3-seat vehicle with the drive at center and two passengers behind and is only 94.4 inches long. Much of the chassis design comes from the Vespa Ape pickup/van. The car measures 59 inches wide and 63 inches tall.

It will be offered with a 0.2L and 0.3L engine option - both scooter engines from the Piaggio line. A hybrid option will also be offered using a 0.3L engine and 24hp motor combination.

These will be urban sub-compact cars with top speeds under 50mph with efficiencies as high as 71mpg (EU cycle).

Key targets for the NT3 are India and Southeast Asia, though it could see European sales in 2013.

And so ...

Even if it were offered in the U.S., this would not likely sell well.

Photo credits: Piaggio

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