Morgan Motors Resurrects the Threewheeler

Morgan Threewheeler modern concept
In brief: The Morgan Motor Company is re-launching the car that founded the firm: the Threewheeler.

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Make/Model: Threewheeler Manufacturer: Morgan Motor Co

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Morgan Threewheeler (modern concept)

When Morgan first began building cars, the first one to put the company on the map was the 1909 Threewheeler. From that year until 1953, when production ended, the car saw 30,000 units built by Darmont Morgan in France. The car was a hugely successful racer.

The company has announced that they're re-launching the vehicle as a 2011 version with modern updates. The new Threewheeler features classic design coupled with a Screaming Eagle 1800cc engine from Harley Davidson coupled to a Mazda 5-speed gear box.

The leather-padded, aircraft-style cockpit sticks to the high-end original as does the bullet body, which will be smoother (to the air) than the original for better aerodynamics.

The new car will deliver 100bhp and do 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds.

And so ...

While not exactly "green," the car is very cool and promises to be an awesome vehicle. Morgan also designed the LIFEcar2, featured here recently. See the original Threewheeler in action.

Photo credits: Morgan Motors

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