Mercedes-Benz AMG V8 Biturbo Engine Cuts Consumption 32%

5.5L V8 AMG biturbo
In brief: Mercedes' AMG unit's new V8 biturbo engine cuts fuel consumption by a huge 32%.

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AMG V8 5.5L biturbo

The new AMG V8 biturbo 5.5L engine, used in the new CLS 63 AMG, delivers 557hp and 800Nm (590lb-ft) at peak output. Yet it gets 24mpg (US avg.), a 32% improvement over its predecessor.

Mercedes-Benz is calling this the M 157. It features spray-guided, piezo-based direct gasoline injection, a fully aluminum crank case, and more. This 8-cylinder engine produces a lot of power, with the above numbers being from the performance package used by AMG.

This performance package hinges on the charge-air pressure difference, which raises to 1.3 bar (from 1.0) in the AMG setup.

With that 32% fuel economy increase also comes the boosted power, the older 6.3L V8 getting only 514hp.

And so ...

Very impressive. A lot of car makers are focusing on tuning current engines to improve their economy in a big way.

Photo credits: Daimler

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