Kia to Introduce Next-Gen Picanto at Geneva

Kia Picanto 2011
In brief: Kia will introduce the next-generation of its Picanto city car at the Geneva International Motor Show in March.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Picanto
Manufacturer: Kia

The word

Kia Picanto

The diminutive city car has undergone a complete redesign and re-engineer, getting slightly larger in length and wheelbase. The introduction at the Geneva Motor Show in March will include two models, a 5-door hatchback (as current) and a 3-door sporty version for Europe.

Four new power trains are being introduced along with the Picanto based on 1.0L and 1.2L engines. These will include petrol/gasoline, LPG bi-fuel, and flex fuel variations.

And so ...

The little car has a definite market, but has so far not been received well in Europe; hence the upgrades.

Photo credits: Kia Motors

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