IndyCar Series to Switch to 6-Cylinder Engines for 2012

Jaguar Indy engine

In brief: After last weekend's Indianapolis 500 race, the IZOD IndyCar Series has released a new engine strategy for participants, which will take effect in 2012.

The word

Jaguar Indy EngineThe 2012 engine compliance rules will require engines to shrink to six cylinders and a maximum displacement of 2.4 cubic liters.

Current vehicles racing in the Indy series are using 100% ethanol V8 engines with 3.5 liters of displacement.

The downward trend is part of IndyCar's strategy to explore new and relevant technologies for today's more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly vehicles.

Many teams will be exploring fuel efficiency technologies such as energy recovery, hybridization, and other fuel conserving tech.

A V6 2.4L engine in today's IndyCar and running on ethanol would be capable of between 550 and 700 horsepower. Amazingly, these may be more powerful than current engines if they can hit the top end of that horsepower rating.

And so ...

The Indy series has long been a test bed for manufacturer's engines and it looks like that trend may continue.

Photo credits: IndyCar

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