Hyundai Plans to Average 50mpg in Entire Lineup by 2025


In brief: Hyundai, which has been America's most fuel-efficient manufacturer since 2008, says that they will average a fleet-wide economy of 50mpg by 2025.

The word

Hyundai logo Hyundai's plans are to bring their Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) up to 50mpg by 2025 in its fleet of passenger cars and light pickups. Current National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) CAFE regulations require fleet economies of 35.5mpg by 2016, a number which Hyundai will likely break well before the 2016 deadline.

Hyundai is banking on their new Blue Drive technologies, which are boosting miles per gallon ratings and shrinking engine sizes in planned models.

And so ...

The Korean-based company has a global effort to raise fuel economy in all of its products, with the 2011 Sonata as the first American release of its Blue Drive technology.

Photo credits: Hyundai

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