Honda's New Small Car Prototype: the BRIO

Honda BRIO prototype
In brief: Honda introduced the BRIO, a small-sized vehicle being developed specifically for the Thai and Indian markets.

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Make/Model: BRIO Manufacturer: Honda

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Honda BRIO concept

The BRIO will be introduced in Thailand and India in 2011 and was teased last week before its unveiling at the Thailand International Motor Expo.

The mass-production model will include parts sourcing from Honda's motorcycle wing, already well-established in the Thai and Indian markets.

The BRIO will get better than 5L/100km (47mpg US), qualifying as an eco-car by the Thai government. It's an entry-level car starting at $13,250USD MSRP.

And so ...

Very interesting as Honda works to break into these emerging markets.

Photo credits: Honda

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