Gordon Murray Reveals T.25 City Car

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In brief: Gordan Murray Design has released both specifications and design mockups for the much-anticipated European T.25 City Car concept.

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Make/Model: T.25 City Car
Manufacturer: Gordon Murray Design

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Gordon Murray T.25 City

Several specifications were released last month on the electric version of the car, but the release was scant on design photography. Gordon Murray has now released mockups showing the look of the T.25, along with more specifications.

Gordon Murray T.25 City

The full reveal will take place at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment in Oxford, England. The 1,212 pound car is a little over four feet wide and not quite eight feet long.

Gordon Murray T.25 City

It seats up to 3 in a 1+2 arrangement and the cab opens by hinging forward like a cab-over semi-truck. The car has 51 horsepower coming from an inline 3-cylinder engine mounted at the rear and is capable of 62mph while getting almost that (61.9) in miles per gallon. This petrol version is an update from the earlier all-electric plan, both of which will be options offered as part of the car's modular design.

The small size and hinged-forward compartment mean that three T.25s can be parked in one parallel parking slot, side-by-side.

Gordon Murray T.25 City

And so ...

The seating arrangement, you can see, is fairly optimistic, but the front-center driver position does give better visibility and driving dynamics.

Photo credits: Gordon Murray

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