Ford to Apply Start-Stop to Non-Hybrids in 2012

Ford Start-Stop
In brief: Ford will begin applying start-stop fuel-saving technology to non-hybrids beginning in 2012.

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Ford Start Stop

Ford will be adding start-stop technology to non-hybrid, gasoline vehicles in North America beginning in 2012. The fuel-saving technology is already in place in Europe and on Ford hybrid vehicles. It will be available on all transmission types and will eventually be rolled out to all Ford vehicles internationally.

The new Auto Start-Stop system Ford has been testing for gasoline engines improves fuel economy by at least 4% for most drivers and can see gains as high as 10% for others.

The global rollout of start-stop began with the European release of the technology. The system is designed to work on all Ford combustion engines, but is currently only being offered on gasoline models. It is standard on Ford's ECOnetic models.

And so ...

Start-stop systems work by shutting down the engine while the vehicle is at a light or other full stop and automatically starting it up again when the driver releases the brake pedal or presses the accelerator.

Photo credits: Ford

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