Ford Introduces B-MAX Concept With 1.0L EcoBoost and start-stop

Ford B-MAX concept

In brief: The compact, B-pillar-less door concept uses Ford's tiny 1.0-liter 3-cylinder engine with EcoBoost and start-stop technology.

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Make/Model: B-MAX concept

Manufacturer: Ford

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Ford B-MAX concept

The B-MAX is not likely to see American shores, but is a perfect fit for the huge compact car market in Europe. The small SUV-like vehicle debuted at the Geneva Motor Show featuring an integrated B-pillar-less door and 3-cylinder EcoBoost engine with the Ford Auto-Start-Stop system.

The lack of a bar between front and rear doors means easier access into the small vehicle, a roomier interior, and some safety innovations integrated into the doors themselves to make up for the missing beam. The doors feature boron-enhanced steel in key areas so that the doors work together to absorb energy like a virtual B-pillar.

The 3 cylinder engine is a 1.0L Ford EcoBoost gasoline engine using Ford's Auto-Start-Stop technology and is the smallest of the Ford EcoBoost engine line. EcoBoost combines direct fuel injection, turbocharging, and twin independent variable cam timing for high efficiency operation.

Until the engine completes testing, efficiency numbers are not known, but Ford has promised those officially later this year. The B-MAX is expected to be a better-than-40mpg vehicle.

And so ...

The B-MAX is an interesting mix of technology in both drive train and space-saving interior design.

Photo credits: Ford

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