Ford EcoBoost Engine Given Short Documentary Series to Prove Reliability

Ford Hero engine
In brief: Ford has produced a short series of documentaries that put the EcoBoost engine (inside an F-150 pickup) through grueling tests to prove its strength and reliability.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: EcoBoost
Manufacturer: Ford

The word

Ford Hero Engine tests

The specific engine used in the documentary, housed inside an F-150 pickup truck, has been dubbed the "hero" and has undergone more than 165,000 miles of harsh conditions and testing scenarios in a series of short documentary films produced by Ford, featuring Mike Rowe (of Discovery's Dirty Jobs).

In the final episode, after having undergone high-endurance dyno testing, strength and uphill pulling tests, and even a run through the desert in the Baja in previous episodes, the engine goes through a complete tear-down.

The tear down sees each component being individually tested and measured for tolerances and mechanics estimate the engine has seen only half its lifespan in the 160,000 miles of painful treatment.

And so ...

The engine, officially EcoBoost #448AA, was torn down in front of a live audience at NAIAS so that no question of authenticity would be given. The video series, in its entirety, can be seen at this link.

Photo credits: Ford

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