Ford announces purpose-built police patrol car, retires Crown Vic


In brief: It’s the end of an era as Ford announces it is retiring the Crown Victoria from police patrol duty, replacing her with a purpose-built vehicle.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Police Interceptor
Manufacturer: Ford

The word

Not to be outdone by an old rival or a new one, Ford Motor Company has announced that while they’re retiring the iconic modified Crown Victoria from police duty, they will not be without a police presence. According to a company press release, Ford will produce “an all-new purpose-built Police Interceptor specially designed and engineered” to take the place of the Crown Vic, although full specs won’t be released until the first part of 2010.

With its so-called Police Interceptor, Ford will compete with General Motors, which in October unveiled its 2011 Caprice Police Patrol Vehicle. They will also compete for this rather scarce market space with upstart Carbon Motors’ E7 purpose-built patrol vehicle.

And so ….

After years of the same ol’ same ol’, it’s hardly curious to see both Ford and GM reacting to the emergence of Carbon Motors by bringing brand new police cruisers to market. The question is whether it’s really worthwhile to them to fight for this niche market. Furthermore, what will the added competition do to Carbon’s bottom line?

by Ross Bonander

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