Ford Achieves 305hp and 31mpg Highway

Ford Ti-VCT
Ford Mustang 2011

In brief: The 2011 Ford Mustang has official EPA ratings of 31mpg highway while delivery 305 horsepower, a first in automotive.

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Make/Model: 2011 Mustang
Manufacturer: Ford Motor Co

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2011 Mustang

Ford has received official Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ratings of 31mpg highway on its 2011 Mustang with the 305hp 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 with available six-speed automatic transmission and has received 30mpg highway on the same vehicle with a six-speed manual transmission.

This marks a first in automotive history: a 305hp production car that is rated at 30 miles per gallon or better.

The tow major improvements that created this hyper-efficiency are in the engine and car body improvements.

2011 Mustang

The engine is the new 3.7L Ti-VCT V6 with all-aluminum with dual overhead cams, twin independent variable camshaft timing, and an improved transmission with re-calibrated gear ratios. The power steering pump is electric, removing drag from the engine as well.

Body improvements include a new front fascia for better aerodynamics, a better seal on the deck lid (trunk), tire spats, new underbody shields, and a taller air dam.

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Definitely an industry first and on one of the best-selling sports cars in America to boot.

Photo credits: Ford

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