Fiat 500 May Be in U.S. Showrooms by End of Year

Fiat 500

In brief: The diminutive favorite in Europe, the hyper-efficient Fiat 500 will likely see American showrooms before the end of 2010, according to the company.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 500
Manufacturer: Fiat

The word

Fiat 500

The little car will not be re-branded as a Chrysler, in order to speed up the process and avoid confusion with the model, but it will be sold through Chrysler dealerships in North America.

Fiat, having purchased a large chunk of Chrysler as part of the American car company's bailout/bankruptcy, does plan to re-brand some of the Chrysler models to Fiat in Europe.

And so ...

No word on whether the 500 will be manufactured here or imported, though with the timing it's more likely to be an import.

Photo credits: Fiat

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