F1 Auto Racing to Continue Pushing Forward with Green Initiatives

FIA Formula 1 Racing

In brief: Federation Internationale de Automobile (FIA) has a new president, Jean Todt, who promises that the FIA will continue pushing forward with the green initiatives promised for Formula 1 racing in Europe.

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When Max Mosley left the FIA, many wondered whether the green initiatives of the former president would be carried forward by his successor. In a press conference to introduce himself as the new president of FIA, Jean Todt confirmed his plans to carry forward with Mosley's promotion of environmental racing.

"I am convinced that we absolutely must reflect the environment with new technologies."

Many attempts at introducing green technology to the race track in F1 have failed, including the controversial KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), which failed miserably and is no longer being used by any racing team. Other technologies, however, have grown and flourished in the fast-paced world of Formula 1.

Alternative fuel mixtures, new tire technologies, and other things grow and flourish. Some teams are even testing biologically-based lubricants and oils.

And so ...

It's good to see the front line of automotive tech going green.

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