DIY Streamliner Motorcycles Gets 214mpg

Honda Streamliner by Jacobs

In brief: Eco-modder Allert Jacobs custom-built a fairing to streamline his Honda Innova motorcycle to achieve 214mpg.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Innova (custom)
Manufacturer: Honda

The word

Allert Jacobs' Streamlined Honda

The off-the-shelf Innova has a 125cc engine that pours out 9hp and does all of that at 133mpg. Dutchman Allert Jacobs, however, didn't think that was good enough and wanted to get much better.

Before the Honda, Allert rode incumbent bikes and used his knowledge of aerodynamics to design the fairing for the Honda motorcycle.

First, he changed the gearing to tailor it to better mileage, pushing the top speed to 69mph and lowering the seat to a recumbent position, boosting fuel economy to 156mpg.

He then set to work designing and building the fairing, which splits in two down the middle to clam shell open so he can climb on and off the bike.

This got him a recorded 214mpg with his average being 199mpg.

And so ...

Not happy with that, Jacobs plans to continue working to try to make it to 235mpg.

Photo credits: Ecomodder

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