Daihatsu to bring its 70-mpg 'e:S' concept to Tokyo

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In Brief: Japan's Daihatsu, well known for their compact cars and 'kei jidosha', or Kei cars, intends to bring six concept vehicles to the Tokyo Motor Show this month, including the e:S concept.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: e:S concept
Manufacturer: Daihatsu

The Word

Of the handful of vehicles they're bringing to Tokyo, Daihatsu Motor Company's little tiny e:S (eco & Smart) concept is the most eco-friendly. The 4-person e:S "reveals the future role of mini vehicles" at Daihatsu.



Based on a pre-existing, if shortened, vehicle platform, the e:S is compact and uses "slim, lightweight seats and the replacement of many materials with lighter versions", rendering the total weight of the vehicle to 700kg, or about 1500 lbs.



The vehicle's ICE has been fitted with a proprietary combustion control system, an EGR, and an Idling Stop System. It all amounts to a claimed fuel economy of 30 km/liter, or about 70 mpg.

And so …

There you go. The Daihatsu e:S will ride into Tokyo on the company's slogan, which they're also using as their theme for the show, "Innovation for Tomorrow".

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