Chrysler to Have New Fiat-basd Dodge Caliber in 2011 - 40mpg

Alfa Romeo Guilietta
In brief: Chrysler, now largely owned by Italy's Fiat, will be re-introducing the Dodge Caliber with a re-branded Alfa Romeo Giulietta, capable of 40 miles per gallon.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2011 Caliber Manufacturer: Dodge / Fiat

The word

Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The Dodge Caliber has been flagging in sales for some time and reports are that Chrysler intends to upgrade it as an entirely new car based on the Fiat Alfa Romeo Giulietta. The new platform would likely include the C-EVO from Fiat, making it capable of 40mpg.

The vehicle would be built at the Belvidere, Illinois plant and may include other name plates such as Jeep or Chrysler. The car company is putting $600 million in retooling into that Illinois plant.

And so ...

Whether or not this will be the first Fiat-based vehicle Chrysler markets in the U.S. is uncertain, but it's certainly the most newsworthy so far.

Photo credits: Alfa Romeo

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