Chevy Cruze Rated at 42mpg Highway

Chevrolet Cruze Eco
In brief: GM announced the "Eco" version of the Cruze which is primed for efficiency, expecting to get 40mpg highway. The EPA surprised them with a 42mpg rating instead.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Cruze Manufacturer: Chevrolet

The word

Cruze Eco

The Cruze is a mid-sized sedan, though on the small side in that category. It's excellent fuel efficiency, however, makes it one of the few in this category that is getting 40mpg or better. Other companies have released 40+ MPG cars, but mostly in the compact/small car categories.

Most of the improvements to create the "Eco" are in small aerodynamic upgrades, improved by 10% over the standard Cruze, and weight reduction.

The Ecotec 1.4L turbocharged engine and six-speed transmission don't hurt either.

And so ...

The Cruze Eco is yet another example of how most cars in the small segments could be easily getting 35mpg or better on the highway.

Photo credits: GM

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