Chevrolet Cruz Eco Gets 42 mpg EPA Rating

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In brief: The Chevrolet Cruz Eco, a non-hybrid car from GM, has received an EPA-estimated 42mph highway.

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Make/Model: Cruz Eco Manufacturer: Chevrolet / GM

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The non-hybrid 2011 Cruz Eco has a 42 mile per gallon (MPG) estimate from the EPA for its highway mileage in its manual transmission models. It's city MPG is 28.

This highway mpg rating beats non-hybrid segment competitors, including the Honda Civic and Ford Fiesta. Many of these improvements are due to aerodynamic performance and powertrain enhancements.

And so ...

The Cruz has an MSRP of $18,895 in the U.S. and will go on sale in January.

Photo credits: GM

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