BMW's Simple concept derailed by its own seating configuration


In Brief: BMW has released images of its 3-wheeled Simple concept, a 120 mpg personal mobility vehicle developed in 2008 but never shown, as the company wasn't confident in the Simple's tandem seating.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Simple concept
Manufacturer: BMW


The Word

The BMW Simple concept was a product of the German carmaker's advanced engineering Technik facility, pointing in the way of providing personal mobility along with outstanding fuel efficiency, an estimated 120 mpg, thanks in part to a 36kW gas engine and the tandem 1+1 seating.


The three-wheeled Simple concept was actually put together in 2008, but was never premiered at a car show or released to the media because BMW didn't think they could sell the public on the tandem seating.


While the Simple is said to be purely concept with no future, some outlets are suggesting that the vehicle may hint ahead at BMW's "Project I" planned electric vehicle program coming down the pipeline in the next few years.

And so …

The Simple concept is making news because BMW is going to begin showcasing the vehicle in their Munich car museum.

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