Auto Moto Unveils New Efficient, 3-Wheel Scooter for U.S. Market

In brief: Auto Moto has introduced a new 3-wheeled scooter for the U.S. market, the Auto Moto Sport.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Sport
Manufacturer: Auto Moto

The word

Auto Moto Sport

The Sport is a 3-wheeled, open design as opposed to the canopied 3-wheeler FutureCars featured last year. This scooter is roughly the same, efficient design without the canopy enclosure.

The unique tilting rear-end provides for a smooth, stable, but motorcycle-like ride with improved handling and efficiency. The Sport gets slightly better than 83mpg with a top speed of 60mph and a price tag of only $3,800.

And so ...

The Sport is available from all Auto Moto dealers nationally and is now in showrooms everywhere.

Photo credits: Auto Moto

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