2013 Lamborghini Aventador getting stop-start and cylinder deactivation tech

2013 Lamborghini Aventador

In brief: Lamborghini is going where few supercars have gone before by offering green, eco-efficient technologies on a bonafied top-end sports car that isn't being purpose-built as a "green" offering.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: 2013 Aventador
Manufacturer: Lamborghini

The word

Almost assuredly because of fuel economy and emissions regulations, Lamborghini has announced that they're going to offer the Aventador, one of their premium sports cars with a solid sales record, with some eco-friendly technology options to improve its fuel economy.

The Aventador replaced the venerable (and very classic) Murcielago in 2011 and has sold very well since its introduction. European and American regulations for corporate fuel economy requirements, however, meant that some supercar makers like Lambo had to re-think some things. Recently, the company purchased Ducati, with rumors saying the impetus was mainly to improve the overall Lamborghini corporate fuel economy numbers.

Now, the Aventador will be offered with both start/stop engine technology as well as a cylinder deactivation system (CDS) to improve its ecological performance.

The CDS will reduce the powerful V12 into a V6 when engaged, usually at highway speeds or when running at low speeds in neighborhoods and driveways and the like. The stop/start system will have a very fast activation time thanks to an added capacitor making the starter kick in sooner than it would were it dependent on the battery and solenoid alone.

And so ...

Putting all of this together will mean a 20% expected improvement in fuel economy for the car. It currently gets 11mpg in the city and 17mpg on the highway.

Photo credits: Lamborghini / Wolfgang Spaccarelli

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