2012 Honda Civic Linup Boosts Fuel Economy

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In brief: The 9th generation of the Honda Civic line will hit the roads in 2012, featuring fuel economy boosts across the board plus the addition of two new models, including a hybrid.

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Make/Model: 2012 Civic

Manufacturer: Honda

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2012 Civic

The redesigned lineup of the Honda Civic for model year 2012 features some new looks and higher efficiency. Two new models, the HF and the Hybrid, will also debut - both of which deliver 40mpg+ on the highway.

The Civic HF will be the most fuel-efficiency of the purely gasoline-powered Civics with a 140hp 1.8L VTEC engine. It will get about 41mpg on the highway and releases this spring.

The Civic Hybrid will use a lithium-ion battery, a 1.5L i-VTEC and will get 45mpg combined (city/highway). That's a 4mpg improvement over the current Civic Hybrid, which has had lackluster sales.

The Civic Sedan and Coupe models will improve fuel economy by about 3mpg (combined cycle) and the Civic GX Natural Gas - one of the few methane-powered factory production vehicles - will see about 7% in fuel economy improvements and will now include ECO Assist technology.

Most of these improvements come through improved engine design and lighter components in the vehicle's makeup.

And so ...

The sport (Si) models will have a larger, 2.4L engine and improve fuel economy by about 2mpg.

Photo credits: Honda

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