2011 Ford Explorer Gets 25mpg, Up 25% and Now Best-in-Class

2011 Ford Explorer
In brief: The march towards better fuel economy continues as Ford delivers a V6 SUV with 25mpg highway after a 25% fuel economy improvement for the Explorer.

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Make/Model: 2011 Explorer Manufacturer: Ford

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2011 Ford Explorer

The SUV has long been the target of green proponents and oil haters, but is still the number one selling class of vehicles in America. So while the hype and market fail to reconcile, Ford has nevertheless been quietly improving their flagship SUV's performance and eco-friendliness.

The 2011 Ford Explorer V6 delivers a best-in-class performance of 25mpg highway and 17mpg city, a 25% improvement over previous models.

Most of the improvements to bolster this huge gain in economy come from aerodynamic changes and engine upgrades to raise performance. The engine is now a Ti-VCT (twin independent variable camshaft timing) coupled to a six-speed automatic transmission and with electric-assist power steering (EPAS) to take weight off the engine.

The new design of the Explorer is more wind tunnel friendly with the front-mounted air dam and rear liftgate lip spoiler being targets for aero-improvements. Ford credits them for adding 1mpg to the truck's highway rating.

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This Explorer is also the company's first introduction of the EPAS, which reduces engine drag and saves weight.

Photo credits: Ford

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