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Gasoline Car News Page 8

Breaking News


Ford to Offer a 2.0L EcoBoost Engine in 2011 Explorer SUV

In brief: Ford plans to offer a 2.0L EcoBoost I-4 engine in its 2011 Ford Explorer SUV. The new engine will have 30% better fuel efficiency with comp... Read More


Fiat Debuts 2-Cylinder TwinAir Engine for Fiat 500

In brief: The small and popular Fiat 500 sells well in Europe as a 4-cylinder petrol vehicle. Now it has a 2-cylinder option. Vehicle in the news ... Read More


Gordon Murray Reveals T.25 City Car

In brief: Gordan Murray Design has released both specifications and design mockups for the much-anticipated European T.25 City Car concept. Vehicle... Read More


Mustang Takes Challenge, Gets 48.5mpg and 1,457 Bristol Laps on 1 Tank

In brief: The Ford Mustang V6 Has achieved 48.5mpg and completed 1,457 laps around Bristol on a single tank of gas in the self-imposed Mustang 1,000 L... Read More


Fiat MultiAir Turbo 1.4L Wins Best New Engine of 2010 Award

In brief: The judging panel for the International Engine of the Year Awards has selected the 1.4L MultiAir Turbo from Fiat as the Best New Engine of 2... Read More


2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Claims Highest MPG in Class

In brief: The EPA ratings for the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid sedan put it above the competition in fuel economy for a luxury sedan and equal to Ford's high-MP... Read More


New Anti-Idling Technology for Police Cars to Save Fuel

In brief: Ottawa police in Canada installed anti-idling technology in tow patrol cars for a year-long test and found that fuel consumption was reduced... Read More


IndyCar Series to Switch to 6-Cylinder Engines for 2012

In brief: After last weekend's Indianapolis 500 race, the IZOD IndyCar Series has released a new engine strategy for participants, which will take eff... Read More


2011 Chevrolet Cruz Priced at $16,995 Base, 40mpg

In brief: General Motors has announced that the 2011 Chevy Cruze large compact will be priced at $16,995 (base, including destination). Vehicle in ... Read More


2011 Ford Fiesta EPA Certified at 40mpg Hwy

In brief: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has given the 2011 Ford Fiesta a mileage rating of 29mpg city and 40mpg highway, a best in class. ... Read More


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