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Hyundai Introduces 2011 Elantra at 40mpg

In brief: Hyundai introduced the 2011 model Elantra sedan with a standard 40mpg highway. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Elantra Manufacturer: ... Read More


Chevrolet Cruz Eco Gets 42 mpg EPA Rating

In brief: The Chevrolet Cruz Eco, a non-hybrid car from GM, has received an EPA-estimated 42mph highway. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Cruz Ec... Read More


Piaggio Reveals NT3 Concept Designed to Be a Nano Killer

In brief:The Italian scooter maker is moving into the auto industry with a car built to directly compete with the Tata Nano in India: the NT3. Vehi... Read More


Morgan Motors Resurrects the Threewheeler

In brief: The Morgan Motor Company is re-launching the car that founded the firm: the Threewheeler. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Threewheeler... Read More


Chrysler to Have New Fiat-basd Dodge Caliber in 2011 - 40mpg

In brief: Chrysler, now largely owned by Italy's Fiat, will be re-introducing the Dodge Caliber with a re-branded Alfa Romeo Giulietta, capable of 40 ... Read More


Chrysler to Offer 8-speed and 9-speed Transmissions in Mid-2011

In brief: Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne spoke to dealers at the 2010 Chrysler Group International Dealer Announcement Show last week and said the com... Read More


The Buffalino - Compact 3-Wheeled RV

In brief: The Buffalino is a compact, 3-wheeled recreational vehicle design from Cornelius Comanns. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Buffalino M... Read More


Mahindra Gets EPA OK to Sell Pickup Trucks in the U.S.

In brief: Mahindra and Mahindra, India's largest carmaker, has received clearance from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to sell compact picku... Read More


Ford F-150 to Offer EcoBoost V6 in 2011

In brief: Ford has announced the engine options for the 2011 F-150, the world's best-selling pickup truck, and it includes the EcoBoost V6. Vehicle... Read More


Hyundai Plans to Average 50mpg in Entire Lineup by 2025

In brief: Hyundai, which has been America's most fuel-efficient manufacturer since 2008, says that they will average a fleet-wide economy of 50mpg by ... Read More


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