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Gasoline Car News Page 6

Breaking News


Ford EcoBoost Engine Given Short Documentary Series to Prove Reliability

In brief: Ford has produced a short series of documentaries that put the EcoBoost engine (inside an F-150 pickup) through grueling tests to prove its ... Read More


Auto Moto Unveils New Efficient, 3-Wheel Scooter for U.S. Market

In brief: Auto Moto has introduced a new 3-wheeled scooter for the U.S. market, the Auto Moto Sport. Vehicle in the news Make/Model: Sport Manu... Read More


Chevy Unviles New Subcompact Sonic in Detroit

In brief: Chevrolet unveiled the new subcompact 2012 Sonic (an Americanized Aveo) at the Detroit show (NAIAS) this week. Vehicle in the news Mak... Read More


Kia to Introduce Next-Gen Picanto at Geneva

In brief: Kia will introduce the next-generation of its Picanto city car at the Geneva International Motor Show in March. Vehicle in the news Ma... Read More


Ford to Apply Start-Stop to Non-Hybrids in 2012

In brief: Ford will begin applying start-stop fuel-saving technology to non-hybrids beginning in 2012. The word Ford will be adding start-st... Read More


2011 Ford Explorer Gets 25mpg, Up 25% and Now Best-in-Class

In brief: The march towards better fuel economy continues as Ford delivers a V6 SUV with 25mpg highway after a 25% fuel economy improvement for the Ex... Read More


Honda's New Small Car Prototype: the BRIO

In brief: Honda introduced the BRIO, a small-sized vehicle being developed specifically for the Thai and Indian markets. Vehicle in the news Mak... Read More


Chrysler Names 130 Dealers to Launch Fiat 500

In brief:The Fiat brand will be represented by 130 dealerships in the U.S. with the first car released being the sub-compact, efficient Fiat 500. V... Read More


Chevy Cruze Rated at 42mpg Highway

In brief: GM announced the "Eco" version of the Cruze which is primed for efficiency, expecting to get 40mpg highway. The EPA surprised them with a 4... Read More


Mercedes-Benz AMG V8 Biturbo Engine Cuts Consumption 32%

In brief: Mercedes' AMG unit's new V8 biturbo engine cuts fuel consumption by a huge 32%. The word The new AMG V8 biturbo 5.5L engine, used ... Read More


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