Nissan Developing EVs Powered by Ethanol-fueled cells

Nissan Ethanol

In brief: Nissan has announced that it's researching and developing a Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell system powered by bio-ehtanol. Called the e-Bio Fuel Cell system, this stack and on-board reformer would function very much like a hydrogen fuel cell system, but utilize ehtanol (and potentially other sources) as the hydrogen source to eliminate dangerous hydrogen fueling.

The word

The e-Bio Fuel Cell system is being developed for larger vehicles, such as vans, pickup trucks, and the like, as a solution for these vehicles that are more difficult to make battery-electric or hydrogen-fueled due to storage requirements for expected range. Nissan says that a primary goal of the program is to make these vehicles as cost-equivalent to battery EVs.

Fuel flexibility in the E-Bio system allows for the potential for fuels other than ethanol, such as natural gas, to be used as the H2 source. This would also mean that no dedicated hydrogen production and refueling infrastructure is required as ethanol and bio-ethanol availability is already widespread.

And so ...

Nissan says that its commercialization goal for the e-Bio Fuel Cell system is 2020.

Photo credits: Nissan

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