Vision Tyrano Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck Recruited by US Military


In brief: The Vision Industries Tyrano hydrogen fuel cell heavy truck is now being represented by defense contractor Burtek, Inc. for presentation to the U.S. military.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Tyrano
Manufacturer: Vision Industries

The word

Vision Tyrano HFCV

Vision Industries announced the agreement with Burtek and the intention to show the Class 8 (80,000lb GVW) truck to the military. The truck is uniquely suited to military service, Burtek's CEO, Dr. James I. Finley believes:

"Consider the fact that a full 80 percent of all United States Marine Corps fatalities occur in convoys; 40 percent of which are primarily involved in the transport of both water and fossil fuels. Reducing or eliminating the need to transport fossil fuels and water further entrenches the value of the hydrogen-fuel solution in saving American lives."

And so ...

It's unclear how the Tyrano FCV would eliminate the need to move water in the desert, but the fossil fuel savings are obvious.

Photo credits: Vision

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