Vision Industries Receives LOI From Total Transport For 100 Tyrano HFC Trucks

Vision Tyrano on the road

In brief: Vision Industries has received a letter of intent from Total Transportation Services to purchase 100 of the company's hydrogen fuel cell Class-8 trucks, the Tyrano.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: Tyrano
Manufacturer: Vision Industries

The word

Vision Tyrano

Total Transportation Services is located in Rancho Dominguez, California, which is in the LA area near Vision, and operates several port drayage trucks in and around Southern California.

The order is for 100 Tyrano hydrogen fuel cell Class-8 heavy trucks, which are Freightliner day cabs converted to run all electric with hydrogen fuel cells delivering the electricity. The order is worth approximately $27 million and has a provision allowing for up to 300 more trucks, putting it near $108 million.

The first Tyrano will be delivered on July 22 from Vision's El Segundo facility. No word on how the others will be delivered or whether any will be sent to Total's Seattle/Tacoma operations.

And so ...

This is Vision Industry's largest order for the Tyrano so far and shows that in some sectors, industry is more than willing to use these trucks.

Photo credits: Vision Ind

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