University of South Carolina Sending Hydrogen Bus to Olympics

USC Hydrogen Bus

In brief: The University of South Carolina's Hydrogen Hybrid Bus is headed for Vancouver, Canada to be showcased at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: USC Hydrogen Hybrid Bus
Manufacturer: University of South Carolina

The word

USC HFC BusCanadian officials commissioned several hydrogen fuel-cell buses for the 2010 Olympics and those began to arrive late last year. The USC HFC bus is also on its way to join those on the British Columbia Hydrogen Highway.

The 37-passenger bus is being loaned to the Canadians for the duration of the Olympics to transport passengers and Olympians around the events of the Olympiad.

Before leaving, however, the bus required modifications. Specifically, it needed added heat for the passengers and fuel cells since there is a big difference from its usual stomping grounds in South Carolina and the Great White North.

And so ...

Sadly, the lack of infrastructure between SC and BC requires that the hydrogen bus be transported by truck rather than driving itself to Canada. That will hopefully change soon.

Photo credits: Hydrogen Cars Now

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