Turkey Unveils Hydrogen Fuel Cell Boat

Turkey FC boat

In brief: Turkey has unveiled a hydrogen fuel cell boat that was four years in the making.

The word

Turkish hydrogen boat

Turkey is, in many respects, leading the world in hydrogen fuel cell and related development. The country has developed a hydrogen fuel cell car (using NaBH4 derived from boron, a plentiful mineral mined in Turkey), locomotive (hydrail), and how an H2-fueled boat.

The small craft was built over four years' time by students and faculty at Istanbul Technical University under government grant.

The boat has a 10 hour cruise time on just 5 kilograms of hydrogen, which is 5x cheaper than gasoline. It cruises at a top speed of 13km/h - fast enough for most small water yachts.

And so ...

The boat is a prototype that the university hopes to license for production for sale, as the concept is scalable and could become anything from small craft to ferries or barges.

Photo credits: Hurriyet Daily News

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