Toyota Puts Highlander Fuel Cell SUVs Into Tokyo Taxi Fleet

Toyota FCHV-adv SUV
In brief: Toyota, the first of several companies to promise a production fuel cell vehicle by 2015, has put their latest FCHV-adv based on the Highlander SUV into a Tokyo taxi fleet.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: FCHV-adv
Manufacturer: Toyota

The word

Toyota Highlander-based FCHV-adv

Toyota has rolled out a small fleet of the FCHV-adv (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle, advanced) over the year, with the first being delivered now. The SUVs will be used by the Welcome-Home taxi service at All Nippon Airways.

The FCHV-adv vehicles will be returning usage data in both city and highway driving along with high-mileage durability and reliability.

The taxis will ferry customers returning to Japan from abroad in All Nippon's exclusive ferry service and will see many hours and miles of daily usage in the process.

And so ...

The FCHV-adv is also being tested in the U.S. by government agencies in both California and New York with more than 100 of the trucks going into service last year. In addition, SunHydro put 10 of the SUVs into service last year in Connecticut.

Photo credits: Toyota

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