Toyota Opens 1st Pipeline-Fed Hydrogen Fueling Station in U.S.

Toyota - Shell Hydrogen Fueling Station

In brief: Toyota has opened the first pipeline-fed hydrogen fueling station in the U.S.

The word

Toyota Hydrogen Station

Toyota's new station opened in Torrance, California and was done in collaboration with Shell, who is also providing the hydrogen gas and pipeline to the station. This makes it the first hydrogen fuel station in the country that is supplied via pipeline rather than truck.

Toyota owns the land on which the station resides and collaborated with Shell on the station's construction.

The hydrogen fueling station joins hundreds of others nationally as part of the push towards a fueling infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles which most manufacturers, including Toyota, plan to have on the market by 2015.

Toyota hopes that the new station and their push for their HFCV demonstration program, they will help spur development of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure.

And so ...

While nay-sayers to hydrogen continue their empty arguments, this segment of automotive is growing rapidly and most major manufacturers have fuel cell plans and demonstrators in the works or on the road.

Photo credits: Toyota

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