Toyota Aiming for $50,000 Price Mark on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles by 2015

Toyota FCHV

In brief: Toyota has announced that the price point for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (HFCV or FCV) will be $50,000 or less by 2015. That is a cost cut of 90%, assuming no profit, which Toyota says it will also make.

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Make/Model: Fuel Cell Vehicles
Manufacturer: Toyota

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Toyota FCHV

Toyota spokesman Yoshihiko Masuda made the announcement at the National Hydrogen Association Conference and Expo in California:

"Toyota cut expenses to make the vehicles by reducing platinum use to about one-third the previous level and finding cheaper ways to produce the thin film used in the fuel cells and the carbon-fiber hydrogen fuel tanks."
(according to BusinessWeek)

Toyota, Honda, and others have all made 2015 their market year for hydrogen vehicles. Several communities are putting hydrogen fueling stations in place throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. So the beginnings of what some have termed the "hydrogen age" are in place.

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The "hydrogen economy" is an interest part of the overall green automotive revolution taking place.

Photo credits: Toyota

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