Tokyo 2009: Suzuki's green vehicle convoy


In brief: Suzuki is making its presence known at the Tokyo Motor Show, showcasing a plug-in hybrid concept and no fewer than three fuel cell vehicles.

The word

Suzuki's SX4-FCV concept uses an 80kW hydrogen fuel cell by General Motors, but the rumored production model—should it ever get that far—-will have a fuel cell provided by in-house engineering, along with a 68kW electric motor and a range of 155 miles (250km). The company is currently running the SX4-FCV through road tests in Japan.


Suzuki SX4-FCV

The Suzuki Swift plug-in electric hybrid concept meanwhile is a series hybrid that combines a 658cc gas engine with a 74hp electric motor and a lithium-ion battery pack.

Swift PHEV

Suzuki Swift PHEV

Finally, Suzuki is showing off two other vehicles powered by fuel cells; The Mio electric wheelchair uses replaceable methanol fuel cells, and the Burgman Fuel Cell Scooter, developed in conjunction with fuel cell pioneer Intelligent Energy, is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

mio and burgmann

Suzuki Mio and Suzuki Burgman

And so ….

Suzuki's fuel cell push seems like an example of bad timing, but that shouldn't detract from what could be a nice line of green vehicles a few years down the road.

Photo credits: Suzuki

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