The Japanese Hydrogen Car Fun Run

Japan FC Fun Run

In brief: Honda, Nissan and Toyota got together today for an 1,100 kilometer fun run from Tokyo to Fukuoka with their HFC models.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: FCX Clarity, X-Trail FCV, FCHV-adv
Manufacturer: Honda, Nissan, Toyota

The word

Fun RunJapan's three largest automakers are taking a fun run from Tokyo to Fukuoka with their hydrogen fuel-cell models to showcase the cars, Japanese innovation, and the new Hydrogen Highway through Japan.

The Honda FCX Clarity, the Nissan X-Trail FCV, and the Toyota FCHV-adv are making the journey today.

Here is video news of the event (in Japanese):

And so ...

Very cool showcase of this fast-emerging technology, for sure. All three plan to have showroom models of an FCV ready for purchase by 2015.

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