The GreenGT LMP H2 to Race at Le Mans in 2012

GreenGT LMP H2

In brief: The LMP H2 prototype is a formula racer made by Swiss automaker GreenGT. It will be raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2012.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: LMP H2 (prototype)
Manufacturer: GreenGT

The word

GreenGT LMP H2

The car is powered by a 300kW fuel cell and carries 12 liters of compressed hydrogen gas at 10,000 psi. It's pre-race prototype has a 100kW fuel cell for demonstration and testing purposes. It will sport 300kW by race time.

Six time Le Mans driver and 2-time winner Christian Pescatori will be driving the car for the race. The H2 will be made through solar electrolysis, so the hydrogen will be emissions-free during the race.

And so ...

This mislabeled video shows the car, but says it's the 300kW version when it's only 100.

Photo credits: GreenGT

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