SunHydro and Toyota Agree to Place 10 FCVs in Connecticut This Fall

Toyota FCHV-adv under the hood
Toyota FCHV-adv 2
Toyota FCHV-adv 1

In brief: SunHydro, which is developing the East Coast Hydrogen Highway, has entered into agreement with Toyota to put 10 Toyota Advanced Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicles (FCHV-adv) on the road in the Connecticut area this fall.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: FCHV-adv
Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Co

The word

Toyota FCHV-adv

The agreement comes as SunHydro's solar-powered hydrogen fueling station in Wallingford, Connecticut (at the Proton Energy Systems HQ) goes live. The East Coast Hydrogen Highway is planned to stretch from Maine to Florida with the Wallingford facility being the first of a network of privately funded hydrogen fueling stations.

Toyota FCHV-adv

The 10 FCHV-adv vehicles to go to Connecticut are part of Toyota's nationwide fuel cell demonstration program which will place more than 100 fuel cell vehicles nationally over the next three years.

Toyota FCHV-adv engine compartment

And so ...

The SunHydro vehicles in this agreement will be used by SunHydro, Proton Energy Systems, and community members.

Photo credits: Toyota

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