Smart Fuel Cell Announces Fuel-Cell Range Extended Car

Smart Fuel Cell concept

In brief: Smart Fuel Cell has announced a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) concept for a range-extended electric using fuel cells.

The word


German companies Smart Fuel Cell (SFC) and Elekroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH (ESG) have teamed to present an innovative hydrogen fuel cell electric hybrid car (FCV) which also uses the fuel cells as a heat source to keep the vehicle's batteries warm and thus at peak condition at all times.

The premise is that both types of energy are essential to proper electric vehicle operation. CHP, says, SFC, is the cutting-edge of hybrid-electric FCV technology.

And so ...

An interesting concept, though it should be pointed out that neither idea (fuel cells as electric and heat source) is new.

Photo credits: SFC

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