Shanghai Automotive to Put Fuel Cell Vehicle to Market

Chevy Equinox Fuel Cell

In brief: Shanghai Automotive, a premier Chinese automaker, plans to launch its own plug-in hydrogen fuel cell vehicle by 2015 based on its work with General Motors.

The word

The fuel cell vehicle itself has not been named or showcased, but the company has worked with GM in the past on the Chevy Equinox FCV. Unlike many other fuel cell vehicles that companies have been working on around the world, however, the Shanghai Automotive version will use the hydrogen fuel cell as a range extender for a plug-in electric car rather than as a primary power source.

The company has been working with an electric car prototype and hopes to extend its range from 150km plug-in to close to 500km with the fuel cell. The cost of the vehicle to market, they say, would be about $80,000USD, but subsidies from the Chinese government would halve that for Chinese purchasers.

With SAIC's announcement the Chinese government is expected to announce plans for hydrogen fueling stations in key cities of the country.

And so ...

This makes ten major automobile manufacturers with plans to release a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle by 2015.

Photo credits: GM

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