Proton Power Reports Successful Fuel Cell Range Extender Trials

Smith Edison EV truck
In brief: Proton Power Systems has successfully completed the first phase of testing for a fuel cell range extender for Smith Electric Vehicles.

The word

Smith Edison

The first phase of testing the Proton Power Systems hydrogen fuel cell system in the Smith Electric Edison in the UK has completed. The Edison is based on the Ford Transit chassis.

The range extender is added in lieu of more batteries to significantly add to the range of the Edison, which has a built-in range of about 100 miles per charge. The final range will depend on the size of the fuel cell system and will likely be determined in the next phase, which will run until summer of 2011. Commercial launch of the fuel cell option will likely be at the end of next year.

The Proton FC system will most likely be put into all of Smith Electrics' trucks, including the larger Newton.

And so ...

No word on whether the Proton FCs will be put into the American Newton or other Smith vehicles.

Photo credits: Smith Electric Vehicles

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