New Holland Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor Coming to America

New Holland NH2

In brief: The New Holland NH2 hydrogen fuel cell tractor will be at the 2010 Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa on August 31. This will be the tractor's North American debut.

Vehicle in the news

Make/Model: NH2
Manufacturer: New Holland

The word

New Holland NH2

The innovative New Holland NH2 debuted last year in Europe, showing that electric drive, hydrogen fuel cell powered tractors could be the future of farm equipment.

The tractor is a 106hp working prototype that performs like its diesel-powered counterpart (the T6000), but with silent, emissions-free operation. New Holland says the tractor is a key element in their overall project plans to free farmers from the costs and emissions of petroleum fuels.

With hydrogen, New Holland believes, farms could become autonomous with on-farm hydrogen production. NH hasn't revealed how this would be done, but with hydrogen being relatively easy to extract from various sources (including manures and urea), it's not hard to guess.

Since most farms are already using alternative energy sources, such as wind and solar, and have the space to do so, they are a prime target for alternative fuels and energy development. Gaining energy independence would mean financial stability for nearly every farm, especially smaller, artisan farmers.

And so ...

A very cool use for hydrogen fuel cells and electric drive.

Photo credits: New Holland

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