Mercedes Ups the Ante on Fuel Cells, Accelerates Production to 2014

Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell

In brief: Mercedes-Benz is upping the ante on fuel cell cars by pushing their date for a production hydrogen fuel cell car to 2014.

The word

Mercedes is promising to have production fuel cell cars available and in showrooms in early 2014, almost a year sooner than most of the competition. The most likely candidate will be the B-Class F-Cell, which just wrapped a world tour to prove the technology.

The lack of any significant mechanical or electrical problems in either the world tour or the short series production vehicles for lease using the HFC technology, Mercedes is confident they can now bring the cars to market a year earlier than expected.

The company predicts that they will be able to produce enough volume, using their technology, to make them price-comparable to the same type of vehicle in advanced diesel.

And so ...

The only other company with a date that early for an HFCV is Hyundai.

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