Mercedes-Benz to Lease F-Cell B-Class in California

Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell
In brief: The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell Hybrid hydrogen fuel cell B-Class will be available for lease in California to a select group beginning this December.

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Make/Model: F-Cell B-Class Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

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F-Cell B-Class

Mercedes plans to have about 100 of the cars available for lease starting this December for residents in California who live in select urban areas. The car is based on the B-Class chassis and body and is a 4-door hatchback, much larger than the previous F-Cell in the A-Class chassis.

This iteration has a 30kW motor, a lithium-ion battery bank under the floor, and a 3.7kg hydrogen tank pressurized to 10,000psi. It has a range of about 240 miles per fill-up with a fuel efficiency close to about 64mpg (64m/kg H2 with 1kg of H2 equivalent to 1 gallon of gasoline in energy).

And so ...

No information on lease requirements or price were given, but Bloomberg News estimates the price to be in the $600-$800/month range for this luxury fuel cell car.

Photo credits: Mercedes-Benz

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