Mercedes-Benz F-CELL Hydrogen Fuel Cell B-Class in Limited Production

Mercedes B-Class F-CELL cutaway
Mercedes B-Class F-CELL

In brief: Mercedes-Benz has put the B-Class F-CELL into limited production for continued trials of their hydrogen fuel cell technology.

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Make/Model: B-Class F-CELL
Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes B-Class F-CELL

Mercedes is currently producing a small lot of about 200 units of the B-Class hydrogen fuel cell cars called the F-CELL. This is the second generation of the carmaker's hydrogen fuel cell technology.

The hygrogen-electric hybrids have performance standards similar to a 2.0L gasoline car. The cars get the equivalent of 71.3mpg (US) will be be delivered to customers in Europe and the USA in early January for road trials.

The F-CELL utilizes an 80kW stack module that is 40% smaller than its earlier generation counterpart while giving 30% more power. Fuel consumption is 16% lower than the A-Class and it has a 2,000 hour greater lifetime.

The car uses a 70kW motor with a 100kW peak with 290Nm of torque (214ft-lb). A lithium-ion battery pack acts as the car's storage with 1.4kWh at 35kW of output.

Mercedes F-CELL cutaway

And so ...

The cars are the next generation of Mercedes' fuel cell trails and the same technology is being used in other platforms. No official release date for public purchase is given, but Mercedes is on track to rival Toyota's announced 2015 public sales of their HFC EVs.

Photo credits: eMercedes-Benz

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